Gender Equality Workshops

Encompass HK is a social enterprise that promotes diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace by guiding employers to create a work environment.
What Is Gender Equality Workshops?

The following workshops will provide the language, practical tools and tips for companies to effectively incorporate considerations of gender equality and inclusion considerations in their policies, programs and practices, and across the organization. In our workshop, we not only focus on why and how we want to achieve gender equality but also the business case on how achieving these goals. We’ll give concrete examples of how companies can benefit from achieving gender equality.

Our workshops start with “Understanding Gender Equality” that gives a broad overview of gender equality concepts and business case for gender diversity. Then we suggest strategies on how to achieve and measure gender equality in our “Driving Gender Equality” and “Monitoring Gender equality “ workshops. We also understand that gender-sensitive training is crucial in creating a gender-friendly workplace, and we suggest strategies on how to take into account the needs, priorities, and expectations of both women and men in the workplace in order to ensure that women and men receive equitable treatment.

In our “Monitoring gender equality” workshop, we partner with Turnkey Group to provide advanced sustainability software that collects, monitor and report on gender equality data in a transparent, consistent and comparative manner.

Gender Equality Through Dramas

The workshop uses drama games, exercises and improvisation for participants to:

  • Introduce and raise awareness of Gender Equality
  • Explore how to take action to promote Gender Equality
  • Stimulate further discussion and debate
  • Provide a list of Resources to encourage further exploration about 
 and Gender Equality

Come learn with us about Gender Equality is a creative way!

Encompass HK | SDG, Gender Equality, Sustainable Development Goals
A snapshot of our unique sustainability platform that can measure Gender Equality by different SDG5 subgoals
Gender Equality workshops by Emcompass HK
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